Crystal School Management Solution

Crystal school management solution is the ULTIMATE School Management System.

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Available Features

Remote System Access

The system can be accessed remotely by the following user groups:
- Teachers
- Students and
- Parents

Student Management

Manage new student admission, Student transfer management, class list generation and Displine

Academic Management

Subjects Management, Exams management, Marks Management, Exam Analysis, Report cards and Send exam reports via SMS and Email

Online Classes

One-on-one online classes via video teleconference, Record online session or stream online session via Youtube. Online classes also includes online assignment submission

Staff Management

New staff management, staff record management, Staff role assignment

Bio-Metric Attendance

Manages both Staff and Student. For students, Parents can get an SMS alert when the student arrives or leaves the school premises.

Pocket Money Management

Keep and track student pocket money either deposits or withdrawals. Parents can send their student money via MPESA and get credited directly to the student wallet. Withdrawal has an option of Bio-metric finger print scanning.


Collect school fees, manage income and expenses and pay suppliers.


Manage staff payment at ease either Monthly or casual

Inventory & Supply Management

Manage supliers, receive invoices and Purchase Orders

Transport Management

Management of school transport

Detailed Reports & Analysis

Our reports includes detailed graphs, PDFs and Excel sheets.

SMS & Email Communication

Instant or Scheduled SMS messages and Email communications.

Library Management


12 Years of ingenuity

Crystal school is a web-based application by Lembur East Africa, a duly registered company (PVT-Y2ULB5) under the Company’s law of Kenya (2015). The company has its registered offices located Along Garden Estates Road, Mukima Drive, House Number M78, Nairobi, Kenya.

Our software is currently being used in over 80 schools since its creation in 2009. Over the years, Crystal school has made several enginious improvements to the school management to meet rising technological improvements and client requirements. Crystal school has over 10 modules that support all school activities and process for both CBC & 8-4-4 in Primary, Secondary and Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) .

Additionally, this school management system is mobile-friendly which allows Teachers and students to signin to the system with ease anytime without compromising their safety.

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Our system is compatible with both CBC and the 8.4.4 curriculum


Crystal School Management System version 2.0 allows Teachers, Students and Parents to access the system on the go from anywhere. The system is designed with mobile first approach allowing users to access the system on their smart devices seamlessly.


We provide 24/7 support through our support line, Email and Online chat.

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